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Vapesterdam reviews the Kandypens Slim and gets you the full scoop on this slender and sexy oil and e-juice vape. Read on to learn more! The Kandypens Slim is a cartridge-based vaporizer designed for use [More]
Review and Unboxing of Kandypens Ice Cream Man vaporizer Price is NO longer 49.99! Im thinking maybe i bought it on sale and didn’t realize it? www.kandypens.com/red-velvet-dark-red-white.html Ice Cream Man Vaporizer
TVape shows how to use the Kandypens Slim and get the best performance from this cartridge-based vaporizer. Read on to learn more! The Kandypens Slim is a cartridge-based vaporizer designed for e-juice and thinner concentrate [More]
My live review of the KandyPens K-Vape Pro vaporizer: forum.vapelife.com www.vapecritic.com
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