Trying to figure out if there is more to the second mode after Party mode in the non-simon Sweeping Lights Pax 2 models.
Ground Leaf Pelletizer for DaVinci IQ, Pax 2 & 3 Vaporizers
This video is about Pax 2 Unboxing and Comparison with Pax 1 – by Purchase Pax 2 for $279.99 including free shipping and a free gift:
If your pax 2 does not have simon, try this: rotate 3x one direction and 3x the other. If you get 3x white pulses from the led you have entered simon mode. Mine will enter [More]
Welcome to the Sibling Rivalry! Hydra Typhon Case For PAX 2: PAX 2: PAX 2 Accessories: Wanna have a clean butt or worried about toilet paper shortages in the corona virus era? [More]
Super excited to have finally got this in the mail. Just doing a quick overview of the Dynavap M. Music:
Of course there are newer models, but the Pax 2 is affordable, durable and reliable. Save yourself some dough, without sacrificing a great toke.
The Pax 2 is finally here! The Pax 2 improves upon the original Pax in every way. Here is our video review and demonstration so you can see how it works. Don’t forget to subscribe [More]
Day 574, tried the pax 2 didn’t like it. Website getting built. Email sign ups coming soon.
The PAX 2 is a portable vaporizer designed to vape dry herb or loose-leaf materials. If you’ve never heard of PAX, you’re about to get blown away. I’m giving one away to someone random in [More]