In this video we cover everything you need to know about the Pax 3 vaporizer complete kit edition, which included the oil tank for oil vaporizing. Please subscribe and show some love down in the [More]
How to improve air flow, this is just the way I did it.
The Firefly 2+ is a big upgrade to the popular cannabis vaporizer. Despite retaining the same battery and form-factor as the Firefly 2, the 2+ manages better battery life, quicker charging, and comes with a [More]
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high everyone ! Today im sharing with you …. BUDKUPS! This is such a great little invention and I cannot wait to get the rest of the accessories ! Heres the link : Instagram [More]
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the PAX 3 is a premium pen that is compatible with both wax concentrates and dry herb. This device has many different heat settings which you can control with an app on your smartphone. It [More] Buy a Pax 3: Hi I’m Troy from 420vapezone and this is my Pax 3 review. Pax Bong Adapter: