The Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer works great for stuffy noses especially in the winter time when it helps heat up the room with the warm steam!
Full details on my Blog @ This vape pen is been working really well, it’s easy to take on the go, smell is toned down but still noticeable, it’s made of all metal so [More]
Today we’re going to review the Arizer Solo II, one of the latest products from Arizer Tech, a well-known Canadian vaporizer manufacturer. Why is Arizer Solo II so special? First of all, it’s very efficient [More]
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Here we review a few of the latest Pulsar Atomizers. The Cyclone, Wax Vubbler & the ceramic wax and herb Ohm Atomizer. The Pulsar Cyclone Atomizer Tank features 3 holes that swirl and cool the [More]
This all ceramic atomizer was designed with a ceramic heating disc instead of the standard coil, to evenly distribute heat throughout the tank for optimal flavor when experiencing wax products. Beside the very sleek, clean [More]
Vapesterdam reviews the Pulsar Go Wax/Smoker and gets you the full scoop on this crazy combustible. Read on to learn more! The Pulsar Go Wax/Smoker is a combination device acting as both a wax pen [More]
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The Wulf Mods Tundra Vape is now the Wulf Vape Classic by Wulf Mods. Same product and features, now known by a different name, but is still the perfect vaporizer for your essential oils and [More]