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One of the best dry herb vapes I have tried! I like it much more than my Pax 3 even though it’s clunkier. Super smooth with lots of temperature settings. Very easy and smooth on [More]
It is recommended to clean the MIGHTY at least once a week as described in this video. Buy MIGHTY online:
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Let’s take a look inside the awesome Crafty vaporizer from Storz & Bickel! Was it as complex and well made as you would think? We were surprised by what we found out. Also check out [More]
Since the incision of the VOLCANO product line, STORZ & BICKEL has continued to modernize and enhance the world’s leading desktop vaporizer: The VOLCANO HYBRID boasts improved airflow management, swifter heat-up times, touch display, app [More]
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The MIGHTY by Storz & Bickel is intended for the vaporization and subsequent inhalation of fragrances or aromas from herbs. To assure an optimal vaporization we recommend to use the MIGHTY as described in this [More]
I am so grateful to have been invited to the Storz and Bickel factory. Namaste Technologies has maintained an amazing relationship with Storz and Bickel, and them opening their doors to me really demonstrates that. [More]