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Today I’m Vaping on the Best Dab Pen Ever: The CCELL Cartridge!
See more of Danielle Here:

Canna Brand Solutions says:

Awesome vape cartridge! We're the official WA distributor for CCELL vape carts and we offer free shipping! 
Check us out:

Mitch Leach says:

Love the truckin' intro

DC Alchemy says:

WWW.DCALCHEMY.COM for C Cell Cartridges and Batteries!!

Grizza Leng says:

every one clicked for the stoner girl lol

shatnerpants says:

Danielle looks a lot like Mila Kunis. Good looking woman.

Leo Longoria says:

I have the same battery why is that mines white and yours are blue the LED lights I wanted a blue one 😥

They Live We Sleep says:

Those coils are fucking useless 😂

dsskater539 says:

dude I am in Florida and they have these new glass vape tanks that look similar to that and they rip ass bro

Vance Johnson says:

Seeevvveennn!? 😂😂😂😂

Jesus Araujo says:

That girl was loaded

N. I. says:

good cloud?

Jimmy Torres says:

She's hot

blue33063 says:

where can I buy just the cell cartridge? they dont have a website?

iGodZombie says:

I need that lol

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