Changing Storz & Bickel Volcano Air filter.

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I change my filter every six months it works for me, I like to keep my volcano like new thanks.

Alberto Puente says:

Hahahaha yes the work did need a video of this. No sarcasm intended

sid smith says:

Thanks mate, do i have to do anything inside the volcano ie changing water etc? or is that all I have to do?

Vladimir Poutine says:

Thanks for making this video, it was straight forward and helped me out a lot. Cheers!

Chelle Belle says:

we tried volcano at 420F this evening… straight to chinky eyes 😉 volcano is good though as can try all stages of vaperization… i really like the flavoursome notes around 360F and is still nice heady high around those temps – tonight using barneys farm LSD strain – girls at love this strain to vape..

Phoenix Reborn says:

i know people who only vape at 420 degrees f. i think they need to take it a bit more seriously, those are your lungs.

Jae Ellis says:

Thanks needed this lol

JackHardingson says:

Thanks. Was wondering where it was…

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