Cleaning my flooded Yocan NYX! Plus tips to prevent it from happening to you. | STONEReview #7

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In this video I clean both my Yocan NYX’s and show you why one flooded and how to prevent it from happening to you!

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SEXY white says:

Mine came with a cap. What happens when i put ejuice on the coil, instead of drugs?

M B says:

Didn't prevent it from happening to me, I found this video AFTER I already flooded mine haha but thank you sir! Much appreciate the advice!!

Kenzie Dawson says:

Thanks for this. I flooded my pen when I used wax. I end up putting more wax in than I needed

Matt Dayton says:

Great video. Thanks for the tips

nameless noname says:

this is the review that I started following you

p1nkpoopbunny says:

love your channel and videos. very helpful.

givemeasolid says:

Quality vids, keep it up

Alex Perez says:

if u can do a review and a clean out review on a yocan cerum atomizer that would be great lol

MrTECHPRO2 says:

you did stuff a huge amount that one video lol. the air holes should be elevated higher. source donuts have the airholes on the top rim all tho i still get clogging i simply heat it with heat gun and blow the oil out of the atty with a straw onto papers for my broke ass friends to smoke the reclaim LOL. the torch has me intrigued. i just need to figure out if the nyx donut evolve plus donut or any other donut fits the torch enail.

Vic The Martian says:

how long do I charge it for?

psychobillionz says:

what type of wax should I be using with this

Paul Bounauito Jr says:

How does the NYX perform on the Evolve battery?

Hansolo Toker says:

evap that alcohol scape it up throw it back on ur coil get blazed yo. thers ome good oil in that iso

Matt Mckinney says:

hey man i really enjoy the videos! Ive been doing some research on box mods for concentrates and really cant find mutch good info so i was wondering if you could message me or even make a video about this since i really dont think anyone has done one yet, thanx and keep making the videos! cant wait for my yocan plus to showup on friday!!!

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