Cleaning the Ascent Vaporizer | DaVinci

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Close Watch the latest comprehensive video on the best practices when it comes to cleaning your Ascent Vaporizers. Try to keep a pipe cleaner and the proper solution on hand.

PatrickOoy says:

Isopropyl alcohol does not seem to be the a good solvent for this job…

jeffdinizubt says:

its hard to clean and easy to broke the glass parts

darkscope2 says:

I use this for oil concentrates and inside the grate at the very bottom (where charging port is) of the vapourizer is all the sticky oil…. is it ok to soak the bottom part of this in isopropyl 99% without damaging it? I have no idea how to clean it.

Cindy Vu says:

Would the ascent still work okay if the internal glass piece was missing?

joe garrett says:

How to clean a clean vapourizer 😂 Very usefull.

J says:

I keep spare glass parts in the alcohol, so they are getting cleaned, while I use the other one. So when I need to switch them out, do a cleaning with the pipe cleaner and let it air dry.

Elise Passavant says:

I've tried the alcohol, salt, pipe cleaners… Arrrg. This vaporizer is SO hard to clean, especially the bottom glass pipe : a nightmare. I already broke it once. There should be a dedicated pipe cleaner one that could reach the angled areas included in the box. After all that's a rather expensive vap… Very disapointed

Hidden Findings says:

What's this ridiculous video? Are we supposed to clean it after EVERY use??? The vaporizer that's being cleaned in this video looks like it's brand new… has it ever really been used?  I want to see a video about how to clean a well used vaporizer that's covered in sticky resin.  I can assure you that you can't clean a well used vaporizer like this ridiculous video is showing!

Mike Rodriguez says:

I tried cleaning the chamber. I always clean the glass parts. However with the chamber I'm afraid the bottom of it is stuck at brown :[. The rest comes off with a little

I love this pen, well worth the money. However I wish I had insurance on it… It's a expensive investment haha

bce5150 says:

+DaVinci Vaporizer To clarify – I'm just dipping my Q-Tip in iso, and then swabbing it and then letting it dry?  I'm horrified at the idea of inhaling isopropyl alcohol vapors…

republicrat says:

This doesn't help. Show how to clean the bottom of the internal straw, please. Too much stuff gets gunked up in there.

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