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Cleaning the DaVinci Portable Vaporizer

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This video describes a couple common methods of cleaning the DaVinci portable vaporizer. The included cleaning brush makes cleaning this portable vaporizer simple.

Nataz 73 says:

I can't give a really good cleaning of my herb chamber, it stays dirty (now I'm cleaning it with ear tips and alcohol), can I come under my herb chamber (dismount it?)?
I really like my da Vinci, but I like to clean it better!

m c says:

How about removing the screens? More importantly, how to access the bottom screen to replace it??. Horrible video!

Jose Mora says:

I would like to know if i can to buy only the outside plástico case ,my vaporizer go on to working but the case is breaked.thanksss

Terry P says:

Hi, I am in the UK and have purchased one of these,my units digital display goes up to 200c is this right, I've seen others in F I believe?

Paulo Dório says:

What kind of spray is one that arises in the chamber after cleaned with the brush?

Chris B. says:

what a bullshit vid

David Worthington says:

Try Everclear and qtips

MrAbarer says:

How do you replace the screen at the bottom of herb chamber?

Jema Fox says:

Wait… I just got a little bit smarter and poked it out with the tip of the brush and replaced it with one of the screens that came with my vape. Also wanted to point out that occasionally rinsing the mouthpiece in alcohol or otherwise cleaning it out helps preserve good odor and flavor.

Jema Fox says:

Thanks for these tips. I was wondering if there was a way to easily clean/replace the upper filter. I can unscrew the bottom filter easily enough but I don't see a way to access that upper one. It didn't get dirty as quickly as the bottom one but some material is starting to build up up there. It doesn't look like the component is meant to be taken apart so direct access seems tough but worst case scenario I can use compressed air. Thanks again.

XaphillyatedX says:

Me too…… i leave my new one out now.

UnlimitedGekko says:

response anyone?

Kitunae says:

You can unscrew the straw and the metal piece just under the cap. Then poke out the screen with the brush.

Julz Diamondz says:

can i change the bottom screen on my da vinci ? i know it came with big and small screens im just not sure how to go about getting the bottom screen out i can use some help

John Doe says:

How do you replace the very top screen inside the unit where it opens up and where the straw goes?

MikalM says:

it blows man, but i called da vinci and they just sent me a new one.. and i still got the old one too. their good shit man

oandj1234 says:

exact thing happened to mine. it frustrated the hell out of me. I found that continuously tinkering with it eventually got it to stop. Now i just never let it get to that point in the charge. once it heats up the buttons unstick, it's really weird

DaVinci Vaporizer says:

If you are having issues with the temperature going down, just give us a call and we'll walk you through what's going on or replace the unit if the issue can't be solved. (702) 96-9969, or hit us up on the website.

MikalM says:

When my Da Vinci makes it to a full charge it starts to count down automatically through the temperatures.. and the – button becomes stuck but only when its done charging, just wondering what i can do to fix it.. i bought it not 2 month ago and havent spilled anything on it or dropped/damaged it.

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