CloudV Electro Portable Enail for Concentrates | The Best Portable Dab Rig | Infomercial

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Dabs reimagined. Introducing the CloudV Electro Portable Enail (including Aqua Bubbler attachment)

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The CloudV Electro has 2 heat settings: blue and red and a heat up time of 15 seconds.
Blue = 800°
Red = 1,000°

It has a 6,000mAh rechargeable battery capacity and titanium dish nail.

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Disclaimer: This video is in no way a promotion of the consumption of prohibited or age-restricted items. Patent Pending

Kelly Lynn says:

I don't smoke, but I think I just found the perfect present for one of my friends!! 🙂

R.A. Praveen says:

Amazing smoking experience !!!!

Furkan Gülle says:

Looks like a nice package! Blue and red lights reminded me of Star Wars 😀

JC Che says:

Wow this is amazing, now i am goint to have a lovely smoking experience…

ramonsvallarino says:

That was magical soon I'm actually gonna enjoy staying up late to watch infomecials


I fucked up getting the straight vertical bubbler. The side arm seems better and easier to take dabs…. A lot of people (including myself) have dropped it and tipped it over on a hard counter and it hasn't broken yet at least. A little expensive, and it would be dope if you had a smaller version too. Overall, I like it tho and can carry it around wherever and not have to worry about the water spilling. Perfect for the outdoor BBQ season coming up.

Daily Dabber says:

+That Car Guy Strength 8-10 & taste is off the charts at low temp 👍😀

MadMetalManiac74 says:

lmfao! 😄👍

Daily Dabber says:

By far the best looking, functioning, reliable, and comfortable portable enail on the market!!!

That High Couple says:

Just picked mine up for the cup this weekend, hits likes a Prius – so quiet

Curtis Kadmus says:

This guy is baked out of his mind from all the takes. LMAO ? Though can you use this while its plugged in and charging as a desktop style.

yes sir says:

Take an L for the dab at the end

Erik Mills says:

What if you like your dabs lower than 800 degrees?

Trevor Wilson says:

I WILL be buying one of these ASAP! This is EXACTLY what ive been looking for, not some lame vape pen burning my wax onto a damn coil! I cant wait to dab this out at the beach, lake, backyard, while camping ect.

Tylor Mack says:

pure greatness


LMAOOO the end killed me!!!

Sniper257 says:

straight up killin the vape game

Raul Garcia says:

lmao is that Blake vapes

Jacob Campbell says:


anthony sierra says:

I'm glad I could be alive to experience infomercials about dabs! lol

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