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The ultimate guide on dabbing and getting the most from your cannabis oils, concentrates, and extracts. Everything from types of concentrates, to the material of your nail and dabber.

If you enjoy the guide please let me know. I plan on making an updated dabbing guide as techniques change.
I’ll be making a much more in-depth, step-by-step, how to, instructional video for dabbing in the future. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

00:47 – What is a Concentrate?
01:07 – Types of Concentrates
03:09 – Temperatures
04:10 – Dab Device
04:41 – Types of Nails
05:21 – Heat Retention Cores
05:30 – Carb Caps
05:47 – Dabbers
06:10 – Close Up Supply
06:43 – Dab Rule #1
07:13 – E-Nail Dab Demonstration / Size of Dab
08:27 – Quartz Banger Dab Demonstration
09:32 – How to Torch
11:57 – Cleaning Nail After Use


TheHiCulture says:

Did you learn anything? Want to know more? Let me know here, or on social media
@thehiculture! I'd love to connect with the community and get your thoughts.

Andres Villalta says:

Why is you quartz not clean?smh

h0ney pie says:

I feel like 37% less of a n00b after watching this video. Thank you for your service, and making me worthy. ?

MrShark says:

I don't know why I haven't researched this myself. I just stumbled upon this.

AlexAnder Prez says:

Wierd ass voice nice video tho brotha cheers

Heathen Nations Music says:

end of video is hilarious. dude is so baked!

HDDrummer says:

Call me old school, but this seems like way too much shit! I'll just roll myself a joint.

Jason Adams says:

this is like the Professer on Gilliagins island of stoners i'm a 30 year + smoker but I tip my hat to you got a new enail ciol setup with new bong n some I think would be butter thanks for the info {yes spelling sucks fuck it i'm stoned}

DeMary Julie says:

Best instructions I have got on you tube for dabbing. Showed how to do it and explained it great. Thanks

Seiyuōkami Himura says:

My #1 rule, always take another dab. You not there yet? Take another dab? You there? Take another dab! Too high? Take another dab!!!

Joe Hunter says:

I bought my self a sherbert pencil dabber when my budy fixed my old rig I got from him

Mateo Gonzalez says:

So informative. Thank you. great video

Scooter PotPie says:

I need to get a banger!


Did learn a lot right on bro

Oliver Hernandez says:

Golden rule of dabing you can always take another glob

sickestkillz says:

Quality Content

Abyssous says:

Ok cool. I was trippin out there for a moment. Does resin ALWAYS turn brown like that ? I thought I kept burning my stuff. Thanks for the video.

Marcus Graham says:

Just my speed Bub, you covered all of the options. Nice and nerdy

Braiden Calkins says:

This dudes str8 fried

Coso Corpse says:

im very glad i came across with your channel bro, this was super informative to me, im just getting into concentrates and this was really helpful, cheers from MX!

Midas Clashes says:

Great video, it's clear how much effort you put into this one video and that you're well versed on w jat you're teaching. Great quality and deserves a lot more recognition

StickyBuds 4CBD says:

Great vid man. After seeing all these sesh on YouTube n Instagram I needed to see a tutorial of what it's all about. This was a great explanation for this old noob. Thanks! ??

Hank Stamper says:

Thanks great clip✌??????

Ed B says:

I learned a lot thanks, what's with the glitch in the matrix, the vid keeps jumping.

budder Fingerz710 says:

My #1 rule is always qtip after dab

candy man2564 says:

Looked like you was drinking the bong water each hit

Ryouma Mikado says:

Thx Bro, Keep up the good work ?

Ricky LaFleur says:

Why you sound like a bee stung your tongue

Felix Candelaria says:

Great video for a newbie like me! Taught me all I needed to know to get started. Today I'll start with a distillate and tomorrow rosin.

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