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Featuring exciting new updates and functionalities which make the CRAFTY+ the best performing CRAFTY of all times:

• 30% faster heat-up
• Significantly improved runtime
• New, slick design for optimized grip and feel
• Improved housing material
• Super-Boost: Triple-pressing power button gets you to max. temperature of 210°C (410°F)
• Improved electronics and optimized circuit board
• + 1 year warranty upon registration

Wavy Vaporizers says:

This is shameful. A 250$ usd or more and still not a 100% on demand convection vaporizer… NEXT!!!!!

Doug Newman says:

So sad you didn’t include the brush ??

Bob Loblaw says:

why do you screw European customers with that price, its 75 euro more expensive than the crafty is at the moment.

Rusty_Cage says:

Was thinking about getting one if the battery was removable, but no thanks. I'll stick to my Air 2 and Vapcap.

Ziemlich Unbekannt says:

Sieht komplett genauso aus,was kostet der??

dantemaniaco says:

In Ghost vapes are getting to laugh with all this. No competition for the MV2, S&B have finally become irrelevant. Maybe only a Mighty+ with 15+ bowls per charge can change something, but this Crafty is only a sad joke

shenton92 says:

Huge let down, aren't you guys meant to be at the forefront of vape tech?

Hans Nossing says:

Dopo tutto questo tempo, un crafty quasi identico senza batterie rimuovibili?! Storz and Bickel, che diavolo state facendo?!

Gnak Foo says:

Well it seems my freshly bought Mighty will be obsolete soon with a Mighty+…

Me Me says:

second battery improvement in 2 years along with other small improvements? count me in

relative_sharp says:

Hätte mir etwas mehr erwartet, besonders eine neue Kammer mit aktuellste Technik, ist es der gleiche Kunststoff im Gehäuse, wie im alten Crafty & Mighty das schon nach. ca. 1 Jahr tägliche Nutzung zu Hart wird und immer mehr in Teilen zerbricht? Das innere Kunststoff um die Kammer ist nach eine Zeit auch nicht mehr sauber zu kriegen und erscheint sehr unhygienisch… das wären für mich einige Kriterien von mir gewesen… sonst istes der beste Crafty von immer.

Leafy Wiggy says:

Rofl storz and pickel get it wrong again. 40% price drop would help. Dynavap wins again. Ty Dynavap for all your hard work

greplink says:

What a disappointment. Provided zero updates that the community actually cares about..

silesasi says:

Very disappointing, like you didn’t listen to any of your clients feedback! I bought the Crafty first and it was so bad when its come to power and battery and you didn’t improve it or did pass through power. Too bad i was hoping to get it. The mighty is great though

S G says:

Yay another vape that doesn’t let you change batteries when it fails

Ator 1 says:

Hmm habe mir vor kurzem den normalen Crafty gekauft. Ist das Kunststoffgehäuse vom alten Crafty auch bedenkenlos?

AngryDaD83 says:

Wird bald auch ein neu überarbeiteter mighty kommen? Wenn ja wann?

REM lag says:

Une batterie amovible aurait été un vrai +, dommage !!!

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