Crafty & Mighty Dosing Capsules Storz & Bickel

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Hey guys, Namaste Kory here and welcome back to another great product review from NamasteVapes. Today I want to discuss and show you the ultra convenient Dosing Capsules for the Mighty and Crafty Vapes. Storz and Bickel really set the bar for portable vaporizers when they released the Mighty and Crafty portable dry herb vaporizers. Both of these Vapes have really excelled since first being introduced to us and are now both stellar portable Vaporizers. So I want to show you guys one of the unique and super handy accessories that are available for these vaporizers. These Dosing Capsules come in packs of 8 and are conveniently packed into a magazine, which makes them easier to store and keep track of.

The Storz and Bickel Dosing Capsule is made for those vape enthusiasts who love to Vape on the go. Have you ever been out and about and found it difficult to load a bowl or pack up your Vape? Have you ever tried to pack your vaporizer in the blustery wind or the lashing rain? Well these capsules are trying to make those worries a thing of the past! With these easy-to-load capsules Vaping whilst on the go just got that much more manageable. Pre-load your capsules with your materials of choice and keep them stored safely in the handy magazine for when they’re needed. All you need to do is whip put your Storz and Bickel magazine, pick your selected capsule and get straight to vaping!

These capsules, while being super convenient also have a lot of benefits to offer. When using these Dosing Capsules, there is a reduced build-up of your Vaped materials being caught in the adapter screen. By using these dosing capsules you will help to keep the adapter screen both clean and functioning. Another benefit of using the Storz and Bickel Dosinf Capsules is that they are super easy to clean and cleaning of the oven/adapter is minimal to none! We love less cleaning!

People might also be wary on how using these dosing capsules might effect the taste of the vapor. The good news is, they don’t. The same wonderful cool tasting vapor can be achieved when using these capsules on your Mighty or Crafty Vaporizer! If we did a blind Vape test and didn’t tell you about the dosing capsules being used, you would have absolutely no idea. Also, draw resistance is not effected from using the Storz and Bickel Dosing capsules.

Vaping on the go just got all that much easier and sweeter. The Storz and Bickel Dosing Capsules are super efficient, easy-to-use and will make packing your Vaporizer a dream task. Quick swapping between capsules has never been easier, and we can see that alternative products just will not compare in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. With a cool down time of just 20 seconds from 195C, meaning you’re able to swap them out quickly and cleanly. All in all, this is a dream for us Vapers who enjoy a take when we’re out and about but don’t want the hassle of loading a bowl or a Vape. A Great product that will make Vaping just that much easier.

magillasviews says:

FYI everyone you do not need to use them with the cap on, which i cant get off to use again, if in doubt put your liquid pad on top works just as well, hope this helps someone

Erick Erick705 says:

I fucking hate your intro song, but great review.

MarioNuts says:

I feel like a little baby when I watch these videos

Chris Coterillo says:

Stop recording with your Motorola Razor bro it's 2017

Lame Buffalo says:

How many times can you use the single capsules?

Lots ~ as long as you are careful not to bend them out of shape as they are just wee, thin things { i've re-shaped mine lots of times } and as long as you keep them clean by using alcohol as a 'thinner' { sticky oil builds, causing them harder to use }. So, theoretically they keep on lasting because the single capsules' material, is very flexible/bendable! I hope this answers that.

Shirley Thompson says:

this is number 3 have no problem two years ,one more to go .they very good answer your e mail and shipping a new one.

Kris4 k says:

aluminum? those things look pretty small and aluminum is very weak are you sure its not some other metal?

Ram Reefer says:

It's perfect for one time use due to its so hot u have to toss it if u want another bowl

Folk says:

How many sessions would a single capsule sustain? I heard that the instruction manual says that dosing capsules are for single use only. Thanks.

longsword92 says:

My crafty broke after 118 hours of use what a piece.

8985bobo says:

you are the worst! no need for video, all we can do is hear your stupid comments. no close up lens= 1 shitty video

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