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TVape shows you a tutorial review of the Crafty Plus and Alex tries vainly to make you laugh.

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To learn more about this particular vaporizer, check out the TVape blog post here:

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Hull Wood Productions says:

Thanks for the video! I now know how to use the crafty+! I wish your instructions were in the box

kturn5953 says:

Should I still get the Crafty+ if I am an iPhone user? Apple had removed all of their vaping apps including this, so how can I control the temp settings and run times etc? Can these be set via a computer instead of through the phone app? I want the Crafty+ but when buying a premium product such as this, I don’t want to miss out on all of the features available to it

Катодзя says:

нехрена не понятно что он говорит, ему что трудно русский язык выучить ?

David McEwen says:

When can we expect an updated version of the utillean 721?

Ryan Gaughan says:

I have no idea how you can get anymore than 4 sessions. I just got one 2 weeks ago and I’m lucky to get 4. Seems to be average of 3. When I get to 4 it dies on 410 once I crank it up. I’m happy with it so it’s not a problem but just makes me think hmmmm… did I get a different device?

TOSEBONBA Miles says:

like If you want to see Alex wear the necklace in the next video

elisaday56 says:

These reviews are great!

Joey G Gonzalez says:

Utillian 722 or Crafty +?

Hov V says:

The extra temp setting – about time! I'm curious if, with the faster heat up time, you still get the same vapor production out the gate.

Bat Rick says:

Wow – I wonder will there be a mighty plus on the horizon !? A great explanation though – I’ll be watching more videos from you guys now thanks !

REM lag says:

Hi, we say there are bugs with the apply and ios, is this true?, Cheers !

KeyMedia Comms says:

looks like a pretty cool unit, how does it compare to the Utillian 722?

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