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From the maker of the famous Volcano vaporizer, comes the Crafty portable vaporizer. Another high quality vaporizer by Storz & Bickel in the portable category that you will definitely love.

Michelle will show us in this video, how the Crafty portable vaporizer can be one of your best vape buddy.

Features of the Crafty Portable Vaporizer:

– Highly efficient heat exchanger
– Innovative bluetooth built in that allows user to connect the device to a free app on the phone
– Extremely easy to use with it’s one button control
– Preset with 2 default temperature settings- 180 Celsius & 195 Celsius.
– With the app, user can set the basic booster temperature according to preference.
– App can also set the settings of your device like turning the vibrations on or off and getting the smartphone to vibrate instead of the vaporizer.
– Turning off the charge indicator on the Crafty, allows user to see the indicator from the phone.
– The brightness of the light on your Crafty device can be adjusted which is pretty cool.
– A full charged battery can last up to 45 minutes of use.
– The Crafty can also be used while charging.
– Uses full hot air convection heating combined with conduction.
– Convection heating ensures that vapor is instantly and continuously being generated while the conduction technology is responsible for vapor being generated very quickly.

That wraps up the Crafty, if you are after a high end, top quality portable device which is small but still produces a great quality vapor then perhaps the Crafty portable vaporizer is for you.

To learn about how to use the Crafty, check out this short demonstration:

Hope you enjoyed this video, check out the Crafty at

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