Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

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From the makers of the Silver Surfer, 7th Floor, comes the Da Buddha, another high performing but cheaper option to some of their higher end models! The Da Buddha is very similar to their very popular Silver Surfer, namely in the heating system and body, but they’ve cut back enough to deliver the savings right to you!

The body is made out of a thick and durable aluminium while the real guts of the vape are all ceramic for that classic flavour! They’re also housed in a heat resistant glass that prevents any flavour from spilling into your vape! The wide base, another thing it shares with the Silver Surfer, keeps it from knocking over!

When we’ve said that the Da Buddha is an economical vaporizer, I hope you don’t get the impression that the quality isn’t there, because it is! The Da Buddha has a maximum temperature of 1000 degrees, for those who are willing to go that high, and the entire device, from the materials its built from to the shape and location of all of the components, are designed to keep it going for a very long time!

As with everything 7th Floor does, they’re trying to give you lasting vapes. For that reason, they’ve included a three-year warranty with the Da Buddha which includes replacing those many fragile parts the Da Buddha is constructed from! The maintenance on this vape is very low. All of the material is packed into the whip, keeping the machinery clear of gunk and burnt herbs! Simply running alcohol through your whip should clear up most of the mess!

The flavour is that classic 7th floor level of quality and impact. Opting for the whip style lets the smoke cool, letting you enjoy it even more! If you’re looking for a desktop vaporizer and your either new to the machines or just not caring about any fancy extras or design, then this could be the vape for you!

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Ancient Cannabis says:

#1 sublimator #2 da Buddha

yixnorb says:

Interesting and funny(for this video) music from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood!

Vapor Barato says:

Cool, pretty unit!

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