Dabado 510 Bolt M Pro Enail | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Dabado 510 Bolt M Pro Enail

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Bolt M Pro by Dabado Vaporizers is the closest it gets to a real dab without a torch featuring a much larger nail and heating rod making it out most powerful erig yet. Compatible with most 510 vape mod boxes.


sw a says:

Can this be used with any box mod?

SirSly420 says:

does this come apart like the bolt m v2 ? i need to replace the heating element on mine.


what kind of bong was that at the end of the video???/

Frírek says:

Can you use it with a different box mod ? i have soo many, dont want to buy a new one.

Quniverse says:


Patrick Madden says:

just got my bolt on monday of this week. now i need this in my life

SniperGang Kodak says:

i have the bolt but kinda want this now

stevenb14286 says:

if you have never got a bolt m it is definitely worth it i love mine

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