DaVinci Ascent Portable Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporizer Review

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The Ascent by DaVinci unboxed, tested and reviewed. The Ascent is still my all time favorite portable vaporizer. Fully adjustable temperature settings up to 430 degrees, digital display, ceramic heating chamber, complete glass vapor path and the longest lasting battery in a portable vape on the market.

Read the full review at: personalweedvaporizers.com/portable-vaporizers/the-ascent-by-davinci/

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Sallie Hardy says:

Good review…. I am new to this and have watched your reviews on the Pulsar APX and this not sure which to buy .. Still learning I just really want something with all the health benefits but not a lot of smoke …Cheers .

kalistalev says:

Excellent demo. I too think it is underrated.
Two other plus's are with longish sessions it does not seem to effect vapor quality if gaps between puffs occur. Indeed it can easily last for a 30 mins plus session, i.e the material does not combust. (Granted for some this will be too long). I suspect this may edge the IQ in this respect?
Also with it being so easy too empty if a light hit/one hit is needed simply heat/puff/empty/refil.
After all efficiency isn't just about extraction but versatility too.

Jorge Potyguara says:

Does it become too hot and awkward to hold?

Donald Hunt says:

I just got one a few weeks ago from my Doctors office ,I've been smoken herb for forty years, never vaped herb before. This device lets you taste all that good stuff with no smoke and my lung feels great !! baahaa.. it was was the temperature settings and greater effects that sold it.. it works great!!!

Mike Roy says:

Would you say it's better overall than the Pax 2?

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