Davinci Ascent Vaporizer Review and Tutorial

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Full review of the Ascent portable vaporizer by Davinci. Video includes: how to use, features, vape/demo session, pros/cons, and where to buy.

Full Davinci Ascent Review – www.vaporizerwizard.com/davinci-ascent-vaporizer-review
Buy DaVinci Ascent – www.vaporizerwizard.com/ascent-price

The Ascent is currently ranked 6th of the 22 portable vaporizers I’ve tested. It ranks 2nd in the Battery Life category behind the Mighty by Storz and Bickel. I can usually get about 60-75 minutes of average continuous use from the Ascent which is outstanding for today’s market.

If you aren’t quite sold on the Ascent, I recommend that you check out my Firefly or Pax review. Both can found here on my YouTube channel or on my website. The Firefly heats up in as little as 5 seconds and the Pax is currently my highest rated vape for portability.

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KB CHEF says:

A long slow charge for batteries is great! Makes your battery last longer.

Gustavo God says:

I have an ascent vaporizer … I changed the charger because it did not charge me and now with the new charger is not charged either, during charging I can turn it on and it shows that it heats but I unplug it and there is not the load … that could be. .?
thanks for the reply

Shred4Life says:

the battery from the "mighty" from Storz & Bickel last for like 4-5 hours at least.. 40secs from the video and i can't believe you anymore..
Pax sucks, this thing sucks too. wanna vape, not waste my medicine..

John Brown says:

If you buy a portable battery pack like the Gb30 Genius Boost you can smoke for days…

Leper Lord says:

Thanks , nice review

Im stuck between buying this ascent or the mighty ( possibly the crafty )

Price aside , which is the better vape ?

Im guessing its the ascent in your opinion , as you rated this just behind firefly and the pax ?

I would still like your opinion on the mighty/crafty (the plastic path doesnt excite me in the least ,but others say that doesnt hinder the quality/experience ) .

Also , how is the mighty part convection and part conduction ?

I find the non user replacable of mighty to be a bit of a knock


KabutoRyu says:

what kind of herb???

Bike Rider says:

Also was wondering if you needed to shake or stir the bowl while using like the mflb? I remember that being a pain.

Bike Rider says:

It looks like the end is designed to use without
The stem if
You wanted to. Is that correct?
Great review btw I r8 8/8 would watch again.

Elliott Rea says:

Vaporizer Review – Ascent, Pax, …

john doe says:

i got my wallet out …got my credit card ready… and that thing is $199 . i can get ALLOT of stuff to put in that thing …….. or look at an overpriced vape with nothing to put in it. ill pay less than $2 for papers or a dugout and pocket the other $198 for " a rainy day"…….mehhh

phonkdaddy says:

Has yours ever Have issues turning off? I did drop mine but nothing happened up until now!

Five Star Man says:

Does this vape smell bad at all? Where I live I have to be discreet with my smoking, so I just use vapes now. I have a PAX, nice and discreet. Gets me toasty, and I use it at the lowest and medium(375-390 I think) and it usually doesn't smell. Maybe a slight smell but it isn't noticeable, or it goes away. I need a good vape that doesn't reek up the place. I want the ascent but I hear it smells a lot.

Maloney Bologna says:

+Vaporizer Wizard Would you say this is a good upgrade from the Iolite? I've been using the 1st Gen Iolite vape for about 5 years now and it finally died on me haha. 

William Bielinski says:

Have you heard anything back from DaVinci about the half pack solution they said they were working on?

David Ramsey says:

any tips on using this for oils/dabs just doesn't seem to get quite hot enough

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