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The vaporizer we’ve been waiting on with baited breath is finally here! The much talked about Davinci IQ, which is an impressive and much more innovative sequel to their Ascent!

What you’re going to notice straight away about the IQ is the beautiful LED brail pattern on the front of it! A great alternative to the LCD screen or coloured LEDs that other vapes go with and it still gives you all the information that you’ll need! The IQ is also incredibly small for the amount of functions it holds! It’s a bit heavier than you might think, but that really just helps to make it feel secure as it rests in the palm of your hand!

But what about the vapor? Well the mouthpiece is made from a material we’ve never seen before used in a vape, Ceramic Zirconia! This adds a delicious, but more importantly, unique flavouring but is also incredibly easy to clean and manage. The IQ also comes with something called the “Flavor Chamber”! Essentially what it is a compartment that can be filled with a second load of material that the heated smoke will pass through, partially heat and deliver a second hit of flavour to your draw. These two innovations together are two we’ve never seen any other vape make before so we’re excited to see DaVinci make such a leap forward. Other companies better watch out!

This really does have one of the best tastes coming from a conduction vaporizer that we’ve ever seen. So smooth and so delicious, even without the flavour chamber. The IQ is powerful, producing incredibly dense plumes of smoke without overworking the system at the greater heats! The IQ uses a full spectrum of temperature which can be read on the LED display and it takes only about 45 seconds to fully heat up!

Get the DaVinci IQ: www.namastevaporizers.com/products/davinci-iq-vaporizer
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MrGoldenhigh says:

I was waiting on this to come into stock but holy crap does it have a lot of bad reviews from customers

JezzaXD says:

Before purchasing one of these please be aware of two things.

#1 Davinci customer support is absolute garbage. They won't get back to you ever and you will have to hound them endlessly.

#2 www.reddit.com/r/vaporents/comments/5smlrm/davinci_iq_psa/ (if the picture doesn't work read the top comment)

Richard Powell says:

When comparing to the mighty or the firefly 2 how does this vape work out? I originally skipped this when shopping for a portable vape but now I'm back looking for valuable info?

Fucknoid Silversmith says:

I didn't know Tom Hardy did vape reviews

Voguefairy88 says:

I bought this about a month ago after owning and using the Haze Vaporizer for about two years. There is absolutely no comparison. The IQ is easier to use, easier to clean, easier to fill, stealthier and heats up twice as fast. They are only the same in terms of flavor imo. And the clouds from the IQ are immense whereas with the Haze there wasn't much vapor at all. The Haze was never really satisfying to use but I'm VERY satisfied with the IQ and I can't see myself wanting to use the Haze again. The IQ is super stealthy. I can walk around NYC in 30 degree weather using it and it will stay hot. I couldn't do that with the Haze. I don't really know much about other vapes but the IQ has got to be the best portable one out there.

Kony Solomon says:

Does the iq smell as potent as the pax when the oven bakes?

Jarek S says:

Why Your recordings are such poor quality? 360p?

Warren Mcmanus says:

Great review thank you 👍 Received mine yesterday and good experience so far. Only thing I wanted to check was is it normal for it to get so hot after a few minutes? Didn't get big clouds as I didn't want to fill the whole chamber is there a way to get the same results with half a chamber maybe some sort of spacer?

Bakta Ehli says:

strange that you say that it is as tasty as the ascent when so many people complain about the taste from the ascent and many say iq is much better. Apart from this, nice review!

Acid Skies says:

Mine was shipped today, can't wait to try this one

Gordon Littell says:

I'm pre-ordering a bronze Da Vinci IQ, do you have any suggestions on care and maintenance?

ape poo says:

this video is booty

madsue11 says:

the thing with your reviews is you say everything is good. when everything you sell gets a good review i really can't trust any of the reviews.

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