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The DaVinci IQ is the 3rd release from DaVinci. It’s a highly customizable conduction vaporizer that packs a lot of innovative features. The Pearl helps to tamp and fully vaporize your bowl, the built in pick is just plain handy, and the Flavour Chamber helps to cool the vapour while allowing you to place herb inside to enhance flavour and get covered in vapour goodness, increasing the strength! It offers great battery life from it’s interchangeable 3500mah 18650 battery, and the vapour is incredibly tasty and cool. I wasn’t a fan of the Ascent – has the IQ improved on the previous design? Does it’s performance match it’s price? Join me as I answer these questions and many more!

You must be of legal age in in your area to purchase any vaporizer product. These products are intended for legal herb use only, do not use them for illegal purposes. Vaporizers are sold as hot air extraction devices, for use in aromatherapy and natural medicine purposes. Any reference or alternate term such as but not limited to – herb, weed, shatter, wax, concentrate, hash, budder, bud etc refers to a legal herb blend or CBD wax.

Jay Ray says:

I jist bought the iq, the battery was completly dead and not working while charging it keeps shutting off, im on 45 mins of charging is this normal?

drome C says:

I was thinking of buying this but i heard a lot of bad things about it. Like battery sucks, you get no vapor so im thinking of getting the mighty or arizer solo 2. Im looking for quality and pure vapor, do you think this vape is good?

blob slog says:

So you can use it while he's charging???

Ht Z says:

How is the quality of the vapor and the taste? Is the ceramic zirconia pathway as good as glass?

IggyM says:

You do really great reviews, wish all stores were real like this.

Tiago Fernandes says:

Davinci iq works well, good temperature adjustment and strong steam, tasty and smooth to the throat, the flavor chamber helps a lot to reduce the temperature, but the cleaning should be done more deeply, in the space between the oven and the flavor chamber in the Cleaning video do not show this and neither provide a tool capable of cleaning, the parts are not exactly of poor quality, but assembly is poor, with six months of use began to release the glue that holds the finish of the oven cover, The lid dismantled and also removed the magnet from the oven cover, then took off the magnet of the top cover also, with some cleaning around the sphere the chrome around it began to leave, this only with six months of use, 10 years warranty Is very daring and marketing, the battery that comes with the device is completely disposable and should come with a warning that it is just to test the product, very dangerous the involucro is starting to burn at the positive pole, and it heats up a lot, Which they sell separately is a little better, 274 $ is too much for this device that does not appreciate the quality (be careful when threading the oven pearl because the silicone thread also breaks easily) …

Damon D says:

Would you grab this or the grasshopper?

Charissa Louise says:

What is the smell like compared to the Pax 2?

Justen Diaz says:

high quality work man. all the best to you my friend

arthurnelson says:

I see that with the IQ you can purchase glass spacers to vape half bowls. Has any one tried these glass spacers and do they do the job as intended?

Roni Zulu says:

I really want the IQ but the vast majority of customer reviews say DaVinci customer service is absolutely horrible. People are not receiving their product for incredibly long wait times and if they receive a faulty unit DaVinci will not return phone calls or emails. Too bad, otherwise I'd get one.

Steven says:

100% buying this. Excellent review, great and clear production as well.

Salvador Ramos says:

Decision made! Thank you!

Orellana010 says:

Hey can you make a review of the new F17 vaporizer? Great review by the way!

zone9mm says:

Hello, I'm debating between: pax3 Davinci IQ and Mighty Maybe can you please help me which one is better and why
I really enjoyed of your reviews

Desiree Hawthorne says:

can you use bigger mah batteries or just 3500

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