Davinci MIQRO Initial Review – New dry herb vape from Davinci Vaporizers

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Full Davinci MIQRO initial review can be found here 420vapezone.com/davinci-miqro-initial-review-demo/

Suits & Birks says:

Cool. Rad. Booya.

Mark D says:

You need to really fine grind your herb for this vape bro!!!

Derek Rivas says:

where do you get those little soups

Carmen Galindo says:

Where did u get that little scooper? Kindly please

TK says:

does it work with the app to change temps like the iq and pax 3?

Nick Freyermuth says:

Your extra battery is in the small tube

Sander Sonic says:

I would like to know if it tends to overheat, I do not mean the mouthpiece but the vaporizer in general.

Anthony Van-Heyningen says:

You’re back! Good deal!
What’s a good YouTube alternative to find you on? I want to support other YouTube like websites minus the censorship.

WickedWonder1979 says:

Super glad to see you back! I'm cured of my VAS for right now but I love watching your reviews!

Pedro Carvalho says:

Good to see you back man, I was looking at some vape reviews the other day and couldn't find any from you for some reason…

So the post on the Miqro is removable/replaceable incase it breaks right? (Since it's a silicone post after all)

Lior Talmor says:

So good to have you back! Now go and use code “talmor” at dynavap.com say NO to smoke and welcome sweet sweet vapor into your life. Best vapes out there! All battery powered vapes taste like plastic shiiite.

Ren Stimpy says:

My hopes for Troy and 420 Vape Zone to be reunited with YouTube have become reality. So glad you're here, man!

Vapletrichs Gne says:

your back bro hell ya!

MD Sasquatch says:


GiDD says:

Nice in depth review! I’m buying my first vape soon , would you recommend this miqro, iq, or pax 3? I would only use it 2-4 times a week. Thanks in advance.

Maverick says:

should honestly rename this channel to Jesus christ cause it came back from crucifiction.

Bob Mackelmore says:


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