DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer Review & How To Use

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DaVinci MIQRO is one of the smallest dry herb vaporizers on the market. Lexi and Josh after using this vaporizer share their reviews and feedback about the Davinci MIQRO and give you tips and tricks on the best way to use the MIQRO. They go over the device’s battery life, ease of use, chamber size and portability, its built and their overall experience.
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Steyrshrek1 says:

The adjustable chamber allows it to stay packed for the conduction to work better. As for battery life 18350’s are cheap get the external charger and get a few mor spares.

Steyrshrek1 says:

I got my MIQRO 5/28/2019 and it didn’t come with the stupid charging port. I have lots of big vapes this is nice to travel with discretely and great for taking to concerts and events. I found the flat mouth piece heated up fast, the extend didn’t heat up as fast or as much.

******Correction I found that dumb plug it fell out while unpacking.

L Cortes says:

Instruxtions are complicated, it gets hot very quick

MacroMotorcycleGear says:

love my micro it needs a tight pack and medium fine grind and path 4 or max and you wil love it

I DB says:

Disappointing vape

Jessica Alcala says:

Great review. To the point, thank you.

Sameer Shah says:

Good review. I don’t think it’s a good vape tho. Tried multiple strains, very minimal effects compared to others

greenadella64 says:

Great review!
Hope to see more videos
Possibly I will purchase Miqro from you this weekend!!!

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