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TVape reviews the flagship DaVinci Vaporizer and lets you know the pros and cons of this particular unit. Read on to learn more!

The DaVinci Vaporizer is proudly designed in the United States and allows users to vaporize both oil and dry botanical. It is small enough to place in your pocket and easily carry with you, making for a convenient and portable package. TVape reviews the DaVinci and shows what a strong and versatile device this is.

Check out our DaVinci vs Arizer Solo product showdown video here:

DaVinci vs Arizer Solo: youtu.be/oHma-rjVKus

For more about the DaVinci Vaporizer, visit the product page here: torontovaporizer.ca/davinci-vaporizer.html

Scope out the full range of videos, reviews, tutorials, and more from TVape here: www.youtube.com/user/TorontoVaporizer/videos

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John Jacob says:

Thank Yelle, for the review. Lol

Krizzle Sizzle says:

Great video but I personally had issues with the Da Vinci vaporizer. I had 3 units in as many weeks die on me due to heat/battery/LCD issues 🙁 it seems the heating chamber is too close to the LCD display causing the problems. A shame as I really love the design of this vape and portability. Hopefully the Ascent wont have these problems 🙂

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