DaVinci Vaporizer – WickiePipes | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

DaVinci Vaporizer – WickiePipes

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DaVinci Vaporizer by Karma Classic presents a new hand-held, world class technological vaporizer exposed of artistic innovation with enclosed luxury.

DaVinci Vaporizer says:

Thanks for the video guys

Pablo Fernando says:

quiero uno la puta madreee!!!

John Kuma says:

Does anyones straw hear up and get a weird sticky liquid on then end of it??

Randall Aston says:

Dosent taste as natural like some my other vaporizer, Not air tight hard to pull good, I would prefer arizer solo over this (which was actually my second choice) performance wise though da Vinci fis far from even being good wish I had never bought and listens to others about getting a solo

Randall Aston says:

This was actually my first vaporizer I bought…. Personally I have nothing good to say at all about this.

so.ny says:

Does anyone know if it can do wax

Walt McClelland says:

they have the car charger for it now… $20 great for those long road trips. love this device.

Jeffrey August says:

xXINFAMOUSKIDZXx you've got on a friENT in me.

MrPohmaster says:

original song from Damian Marley- Patience
i dont know the name of this song hope you like

WickiePipes says:

Yes At wickiepipe

SClassFinalFlash says:

it is available now

Im CIA says:

Is this the shopping network for ENTS

TheBoyRavage says:

that beat hard as fuck. uptokes!

Kash Andrews says:

I'd love to know the name of this song.
Great vid!

WickiePipes says:

currently there is no car charger for the DaVinci

Solomons Words says:

is there a way to get a car charger for it?

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