dome-less nail dab fail

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drunk out of his mind, he put up a challenge. & having never done it before, he doesn’t know you DON’T ever touch a rig nail

TickleChits says:

Damn how'd he hold the nail that long?!! Fuuuuck

Lonelle Pennington says:

hey where can i find this rig at whats the name of it where can i buy it

3nglish Elusive says:

Stop yelling

toro505 says:

jaja dumb rookie he fucked up letting out that big hit,then grabbing the nail!!!šŸ˜‚

big pumkin head ass jim says:

he deserved it

Sam Sayabalian says:

What an idiiot

David Bertin says:

That guy needs some of our dab dude finger tips

CBD Queen/MaryJMaiden says:

ive done that

The Homie Pizza says:

Liquor and dabs are a no no.

Lazy Boy says:

are you guys bumping dreamer-pound cake freestyle in the back ground

Lauren Woodworth says:

LMAO oh my god this video. Reminds me of when my friend was shit faced and trying to take a grav for the first time…he tried to put his mouth around the cap with the weed in it. Wow this was a great laugh.

Snow 317 says:

Thats why you don't mix alcohol and drugs.

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