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Senior Stoner Studios

italia289 says:

If ur gonna do a review on all ur pieces, it would be smart to clean you glASS first. Makes stoners look lazy when ur nice devices look like poop soup.

Patrick Malloy says:

Stoner a baller got them good SS checks ?

Connor Michael says:

I love my Carta. A single charge on the replaceable/rechargeable batteries last for a solid four hours if you and your friends are smoking heavy. Also batteries can die and I just buy new ones instead of having to pay someone to replace batteries that are in the other units. Also the peak dies hella quick.

Shangus says:

Rinse it with hot water, then using 91% alcohol and salt, cleans in 2 mins .

YBE Leem says:

@10:54 my man was trying very hard to hit that bitch .? what that shit was clogged

Robert Griffith says:

Kandy pens is notorious for using plastic in there atomizers and cloning any puffco product they release

Lucia Smith says:

when you make a video get some facts. like how the puff co has been known to break and only has a one year warranty strictly on the base and how the oura has a LIFETIME warranty on everything.

Dereck Smith says:

Another cool thing with the focus v carta is it has a Bluetooth app for it. And I saw the pulsar barbfire pen you had. That atomizer can be put on an adjustable digital vape battery and have the temp adjustable and they also have a bubbler top for it if you want filtration.

Gary Chynne says:

if i choke i don't want it. they all produce away to much vape. my rok also is a choker. i've gone back to smaller units i can control more like the shatterizer with a nic out attached is 1/4 the price and works better for me than the big units. nic outs are the best riffle filter on the market. i can breath. thank you enjoy

Zep 4 says:

I can’t help wishing all the companies could agree on how to turn on and adjust temperatures. Pushing buttons is a royal pain. And remembering each one’s operating directions is even more of a pain. I love holding the button down, like the Peak to turn it on. The way Carta turns off automatically. One button touch should increase temp. Sounds so simple. Thanks for the great comparisons SS. You’re probably the only one that’s got them all. We rely on your detailed reviews. Thanks.

Jandro says:

hey senior if u want to take ur devices to the next level do urself a favor and get the silicone carbide inserts for them. I have a ruby insert from constantgems.com and sic Insert in my peaks and they are so much better after!

Polish Oskar says:

For cleaning your glass to like brand new, pour hot water over the glass for the oil to soften up then pour some 97% isolate into the glass then add some salt and shake for like 2 minutes doing that makes my rigs look cleaner then when i got them from glass blowers !

James Lee says:

Is the magna carta the 5th device

Juliana Avila says:

Yessss I love this

Carlos Garcia says:

Your oura is weird mine is awesome no burnt flavor great clouds on green and yellow super fats on blue and red….

iboss416 says:

lol he high AF "these are like CARS"

noa says:

10:10 I heard that the puffco peak it gives a burned flavor, and the aura doesnt

Dr.Dabber says:

The Dr. Dabber Switch battery can easily be removed from the unit and changed if need be. We also sell replacement batteries directly on our website. Furthermore, the Switch has no atomizer that you need to replace over time.

Jordan Tauber says:

Sr. Love the comparison review. Keep them coming. Ordered my Kandypen Oura in blue last Thursday and received it yesterday. You might wonder how I received it so quickly ?. I did not know that it was designed in Santa Barbra, CA and distributed out of Scottsdale, AZ where Kandypen is located and where I live which would explain the one day delivery.( one day to process the order ). Have not played with it yet but very excited to try it out. Have a pain free Sunday. JT from AZ.

Get Money says:

Hi. You should look out for Cookie Pie Diamonds by Raw Garden. 98% THC

Spencer B says:

The best method for cleaning glass is heating up isopropyl for :15 in the microwave. Then pour the hot alcohol in your glass and shake it up, no salt necessary. Your piece will look brand new

Takeoffs & Landings says:

Give it the SUCC

Al Felker says:

Aroma therapy is a thing now. Thanks for test and review of all these rigs.

YDfC21 says:

All new puffco peaks come with a carb cap tether free in the box I was so happy when I got mine thought I was gonna have to buy the travel pack

Giovanni Ramos says:

Whats the 5th one?????? (E-rig)

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