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Fat dabs, high temp in my car! Drop a like for more 🙂
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~Stay baked


Zachary Burgess says:

What vape Mod do you use? I just picked up a Smok Procolor and love it thus far. Stay baked my friend.

Lucy Bennefeld says:

I used a screw driver or a bobby pin (but make sure you take off any plastic) before I got a dabber. Are you 18? You can easily get one from a smoke shop they're pretty cheap

moose man says:

just use a butter knife like think man a needle anything that can hold it

niall cw says:

Haha I could never smoke before work or driving. I could only do it after like one pipe hit. Anymore and I just wouldn't be able haha

bridget montanez says:

I did that same shit a couple weeks ago xD I was taking a hit out of a bong and sucked water up by accident 😂 it was fuckin grooosss 😂😂👎

MileHighMaddie says:

My eyes get soooo red when I smoke, always on that eyedrop game

Oraz | Gaming Québecois says:

when i saw the water bubling i knew! i knew it! sad for you, you took a sip from dab water haha rest in peace bro! stay high

XxMLGxGaM3rxX or Camden Hough says:

I hope you die at early age because of this.

tristan k says:

second dab was pretty fat not gonna lie!

Duzzer One says:

bro please, they're not called dabs lol dabbing is what you're doing. the concentrates themselves are either wax, shatter, crumble etc.. The tools lol are dabbers.

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