Dry Herb Vaporizer Review: Stoner Joe’s Vape Unboxing and Usage

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Stoner Joe’s cannabis vaporizer is simple to use with above average performance & cool looking design. Buy a Stoner Joe’s vaporizer and get a free gift with the code RUFFHOUSE: nyvapeshop.com/stoner-joe-s-dry-herb-vaporizer/

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Double 0 Gamer says:

I have a red one had it well over a year. Still works like a charm.

Scumbag says:

Want to know how this compares to the flowermate mini

Makillda Lawless says:

How do you change the filter in the mouthpiece?

Makillda Lawless says:

Should my screen stay on when charging?

spencer vongsombath says:

I want his job.

LifeStartsHere says:

but the pax 3 pretty much puts this vaporizer to shame, just saying

RED says:

yall where did bogart go?

Beast & Beauty says:

Sweet buds. Enjoy those beauties. Stay at it & medicated.

Featured Style says:

I meeeaan. I highly doubt it's a 6 foot cord, the retractables are more like 3

cyangreyblack says:

contents should not be used while sober? then how the hell are you supposed to get high?
lol. this looks like some cheap rebranded chinese tech. wouldnt pay much more than 20 bucks for it.

Raquel Noogueeeira says:

sou brasileiro como faço pra comprar???


Can you review it after four months of use?

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