Dual-Mode Exercise BEAST TWS! – Jabees Firefly.2 Review

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I’ve been testing this once since the start of the year, and I think it’s a great choice if your budget is around 100USD! Learn everything about it here.

Firefly.2 Official Website

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Tongkorn Panomtanasak says:

What would you recommend between tronsmart spunky beat and the haylou gt1 plus/pro ?

Vedant Dalvi says:

Hi Kenneth! I like your reviews. Love from India!

Luqman Hakim says:

hey Kenneth, can u do a review on monster clarity 101 airlinks?

Mj Cervantes says:

Can you try KZ S2??? I think it’s just released

eugenio choco says:

not tech related but take care Kenneth specially during this health crisis. Avid fan from Philippines!

Taffa Tahir says:

Currently i'm using QCY T5.. is Jabees perform better than my T5

Khaffit says:

can you test of all the warudo sizes (the rubbery tips) fit into the case?
on my GT1 Pro if I put on the biggest eartips the earbuds don't charge and I can't close the case
Bibi have to choose between them falling out of my ear (small tips) or not fitting into the case (big tis)

Khaffit says:

was tue audio cutting out on the all test?
I hope that was the cellular connection
and not the earbuds

Edi Chang says:

Jabees model like jabra?

Adi Putera says:

So… which TWS is the best???

Alloy 55 says:

Hey could you review the TOZO t6? I haven’t seen any real reviews on it.

poin dexter says:

What kind of chipset does this jabees use?

Khan Sxelion says:

can you do review about baseus w09 please

amay vanvari says:

Please do the unboxing of qcy t4.
It is available in aliexpress

Kenneth Tanaka says:

I’m sorry I’ve lost my unboxing footage so it wasn’t part of the video, and I forgot to say, this definitely does NOT look like Jabra Elite 65t, right? 🙂

Oh and the earbuds also does quick charging, check out my Twitter for the results ??

00:39 Sound quality
02:49 Connectivity
04:19 Build quality
08:57 Controls
09:58 Ambient sound mode
10:40 Latency test
11:30 Battery life
12:24 Call test
13:28 Conclusion

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