E-Nail Recycler Dabs Wake N Bake

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taylor hardwick says:

I had a helicopter just like that and my Rottweiler jumped up and snatched it out the air an demolished it I saw it in like slow mo an was so upset

Resolute Support says:

Show some support for ya boy OG Bongloaded, please hit that like button y’all it helps and the homie BL deserves it.

Allin Mota says:

Just press play all.

Allin Mota says:

Bro, the sift/keif on your insta feed looks fuego.

-Epileptic Stoner Community- says:

Ik I sure am….. Cheers though

Damions LiftedLife says:

bongloaded got a repost from some legends and yes dna genetics have changed the entire game with there breads heavy indicas coming out of there brains

Pedro Castillo says:

Idk BL ive had a propane torch that came out about 10 inches and had a trigger, and that thing heated up nails in like 10 seconds

Randyal Page says:

I would get you some MAP gas it burns way hotter

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