Eddie Bravo shows the Vaporizer leg lock on Joanne of MMA Girls

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Leg lock setup using the half guard lockdown.

Julio Lui says:

exact move he got Royler Gracie on the rematch…

Katai Kintama says:

Is this lady a girl friend of Eddie?
she is so beautiful, maybe the best on this planet!

Nicholas cusmano says:

well he's no completely fucking stoned

Jr Maldonado says:

This dude is clearly high outta his mind

iiDefied says:

0:230:25 blatantly staring at boobs.

so★ says:

eddie trying to "cool guy" this girl

Dod Rc says:

Got nothing on a figure four leg lock 😂😂😂

Salvador says:

Eddie looks like a really cool guy and a great instructor

Matthew Richardson says:

You can get punched giving a vaporizer.

Aqman says:

Eddie is high as fuuark lol

hugitout23 says:

this girl is hot as fuck, shes got a killer body

Caleb Murray says:

Mr. Bravo actually used that against a certain Mr. Gracie in a high level ju jitsu match. Very fun to watch.

Mert Dokur says:

disclaimer: i have utmost respect and love for eddie.

BUT, he looks like a serial child molester with that hair.

Therrw says:

"It has nothing to do with weed." LOL Eddie. The only people who care about it having to do with weed are the Royce/Rorion camp.

This stuff is dope.

cwesley2005 says:

How did Royler not tap!?

MMA Girls says:

Disclaimer : The reason I was wearing jeans is because I had just interviewed Eddie and this was an impromptu technique video. Also I have no idea if he was high…maybe…probably…but if i see one more comment about weed I might scream lol. Thanks for watching =)

bassax7045 says:

wow ,Joanne looks like that nasty reporter Nancy Grace.
better be carefull Eddy ,or she will have you arrested as a molester 😉

Xavier Figueroa says:

Royler Gracie should have watched this video before the Metamoris 3 rematch.

Eng. Khaled Alsayed says:

he did it to royler gracie in their fight

Max Violence says:

jj with a girl is no problem but i have tried train in jujitsu school with guys and was to uncomfortable for me to continue

Richard Shapiro says:

"that has nothing to do with weed" your so funny eddie.

John Smith says:

Eddie is stoned

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