ELEV8R Glass Vaporizer Review – Live Stream

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The ELEV8R vaporizer from 7th Floor

Matthew Buttner says:

I was waiting on this review

Luis Flores says:

Haha it's too hard to stop replaying you getting burned haha

Luis Flores says:

Let me know how many times you use it n get burned with it with that stand on it

David Warner says:

Seems a lot of work and fiddling about.Β  But…I guess if your a connoisseur, the flavors might be worth it.Β  Still, another good review.Β  Thank you

John Baxter says:

How do you get that job of reviewing every cool new vape on youtube? And don't tell me that you actually buy with ur own cash, but if that's the case why are you so vape wealthy πŸ™‚

Jeff Roy says:

I’m telling you if you use this like a sticky brick it’s way better and far less dangerous. Insane clouds almost instantly. Flavour is off the charts too. I use a small triple flame torch and it does wonders for instant vapor. Just stuck in the flame tip and the spikes stir up the heated air real good for a nice even vape. This is one of my favourite vaporizers now. Sticky brick jr, vapman, dynavap and now the elev8r are my daily drivers and they are all fun and ultra efficient

pop organics california says:

I'll be honest a lot of the vapes that you use look and are way to complicated for no reason please stick to more basic vapes you will easily confuse somebody just getting into this your even having a hard time with it

Halfzipp says:

Not liking this thing. Looks stupid and really dont like the way it functions. I really hope you didnt pay for this.

Wisky2Frisky says:

To much risk for a little out come, maybe stick with the manual torches. πŸ˜‰

8985bobo says:

zzzzzzz…..boring! worst performance by a fake reviewer. keep rubbing your hands together maybe a genie will pop out and save us from this clown show.

dmac2903 says:

If I wanted to burn down my house I'd buy this.

Jeff Roy says:

I just got this yesterday but I use it differently. I use the intake hole on the heat stem like a sticky brick. I aim the light blue part of my torch flame across the hole and suck in the heat. Instant vapor and no need to waste sooo much Butane. Love your reviews keep em coming

NoOneLikesMyUsernam1 says:

Dude this thing is fucking cool man

John Baxter says:

Hi. What is with that microphone looking thing? It's upstaging the vape! πŸ™‚

Cheryl Phelan says:

Too scary for this little old hippie girl but I love watching you having fun and love learning new stuff. I just hate those torches. Those baby ones are real cute tho:) Staying up.

pjmtts says:

Reminds me of this thing I bought in the 90’s I think it was called the vapor globe or something like vap o bubble. Whatever it was called it looked like a light bulb with a straw lol I would totally burn myself on that thing

Bernie Cat says:

Sorry i missed this live. Will have to catch up tomorrow.

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