Epic DAB FAIL drake doin dabs

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My friends dabbin experience

Terrenc1542 says:

Agh fuck Dude no Why God Why would you cough into the bong

Dakota Finseth says:

those are some fake gages lol

Guss Acosta says:

this is how drakes voice become so gay

Wicken Chings says:

Ight so hes a dumbass for grabbing the nail regardless… But why tf you guys taking dabs that hot like that shit was still glowing thats gonna fuck up your lungs

SilentViper says:

k.o that shit was red hot

Enzo Alcantara says:



I could watch this on repeat for the rest of my life tbh

Anelly Iniguez says:

Fuckin retard lmao

Linktothe_Awesome says:

I did this shit last night, was drunk and already had a few edibles, I suddenly forgot I was taking a dab and thought I was just hitting a bong… Tried to pull the piece to clear it and quickly regretted that decision :/

Orion Boots says:

wtf y did u grab the metal

Nessa Hernandez says:


Douglas Escalera says:

thats not Drake

Sherbet Droopy says:

Fucking faggot looks like butcheecks

n8br88 says:

so, what are you sorry for again?

Amber Lemon says:

Poor guy..lol but its really common sense .. Ur torching it right? So its gunna be hot right? Yes.yes it is

Cody Dale says:

lol I don't get it, did he go to touch it like it was a bowl or something and not realize it was red hot?

blahblahblah says:

who let drake take a dab? we all know he has baby lungs! lmao

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