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European girl reviews AirVape Xs.

Let’s take a look at the uniquely designed AirVape Xs, and electronic vaporizer, from my opinion, one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers on the market Today!

As the design and portability speaks for itself, I would talk about functionalities and some tips and explaining some concerns about the XS.
Overall people tend to think that at this price it would not do what an expensive vaporizer could do. It makes sense that the more expensive it is, the better it should be, but truth is, if you are looking to buy vaporizer online, you should consider that AirVape is a very competitive dry vape pen in performance, and overall functionality list.


Ease of use:
If you want an app for your vape, you will see it very soon, that AirVape has an easy user interface that makes an app useless that can bring unnecessary complications and devices in your vaping experience. You will see that if you have an app for your portable vaporizer that brings the price of the vape higher, you will be excited about it for the first few times you use it, and later on, you will just want to vape without any extra devices. (I know you will agree, I heard the same thing over and over and I experienced it myself.
Convenient display screen allows you exact temperature control, battery power, automatic shutoff timer, and heating process- all on the face of the vape. It is simple to turn it on and it vibrates a few seconds later when it’s ready.

Portability vs. battery life
The battery lasts for about 25 minutes continuous use. If you are an every day smoker like I am you know that Airvape doesn’t even need to be adjusted to five minutes automatic shut off timer, it really rips it that good.

The way I use it is in three minutes cycles. With some rest between because I wanna be able to talk still. And after the second I’m completely done.

If I have some crazy stressful days here and there I can do the same two cycles again but even if you smoke two joints a day this will be enough.
Don’t forget you can still use it for 3-4 more cycles!

Oh and another advantage, if you don’t let it run out of battery completely, you can charge it while you use it.
So a Mighty vaporizer for instance that is more than 2 times the price of Xs has a longer battery life.. but it’s not profitable, but so are all the desktop vaporizers… I would choose the airvape xs portable vaporizer and not nominate other ones in ‘vaporizer pen category’ that is not even fitting in your pocket without bulking out. Period.

Roumor says it falls out easy. And that is a problem with the unit, however is made like this for the purpose of not heating, it could be lost easy if you carry in your pocket.
Lets take the Davinci iq for instance or Pax. DaVinci IQ does not fall out of course, but the mouthpiece itself gets super hot, and the draws also getting way too hot.
The Pax does not fall out either but it’s for rubber material plus it gets super hot if you want to get some performance out of the unit.

So super hot vs. this one with comfortable glass mouthpiece? Ok the mouthpiece good fallout easy. Fair argument.

I’ll be honest I don’t think it’s 100% product without the Xs Shell, but with the shell, if you keep it on all the time you not only keep the smell away, but there’s no way you lose the mouthpiece. So then you have a good mouthpiece and a draw and. Mouthpiece that stays cool.

The accessories are that make Airvape access we all worth it especially the Xs shell.

Charging dock: if you want to make sure you stay charged all the time keep one of these charging docks next to your bed:)

Thank you for reading

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