Evolve D plus Showcase! HERB VAPE! | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Evolve D plus Showcase! HERB VAPE!

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This is a GREAT dry herb vaporizer!
There is also an Evolve Plus, that acts as a 2 in 1 dab pen, whereas this Evolve D plus does not

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Hayden Whitehead says:

How many rips can i get off of one “bowl”

Ginger says:

You bought it and didn't charge it… >.<

Rabid Space says:

Wow fuck tards at the smoke shop sold me this telling me it was a wax pen. Ngl wax smacks on it but still kinda mad

Flooded Savage says:

Mines not hitting… Any ideas as to how I can fix it

Kenneth Zumbro says:

I got tired of rolling so I randomly got this one on a whim. Came with 0 instructions. Thanks for making the video, it helped a lot.

Armando Valdez says:

It smells a lot?

Nathan Cwikiel says:

Homo. Dick.

Miss ChaoticMess says:

Good video fam. Keep it up! 👊🏼💯

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