Explaining How to Clean AirVape X

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How to Clean the best dry herb vaporizer on the market, the AirVape X

1. Remove the mouthpiece from the vaporizer
2. Take apart the mouthpiece
3. Soak the ceramic mouthpiece, ceramic airflow box, food grade rubber base and screen in rubbing alcohol for several hours
4. You may clean the ceramic chamber with the cleaning brush that comes with the vaporizing kit (do not put anything liquid inside of the vape otherwise it could cause damage and wait until vaporizer is cooled down before cleaning with the brush)
5. Allow the mouthpieces to air dry before putting back together

How to put AirVape X mouthpiece back together:

1. Place airflow box inside of the food grade rubber, the open part is at the top and closed part with holes at the bottom
2. Place the screen with the holes over the open part of the airflow box (Make sure the holes are on the opposite side of the airflow box holes at the bottom
3. Place Ceramic mouthpiece over top of the screen
4. Place mouthpiece through the magnetic lid until fits snug
5. Place completed mouthpiece back on the AirVape X

jdengsky1 says:

What’s the point of cleaning a new vape?

Rasmus Pedersen says:

What about the chamber, it seems that very small particles goes through the bottom filter and slowly falls into the small wholes from where some of the heating is flowing, im afraid if that is going to be a problem in time?? Anybody having any experince on that?

Xabe says:

How often do i need to do this clean up ? i mainly clear the chamber everytime i use it

Reiner Weiner says:

Auf Dauer keine ausreichende Reinigung!

Was macht man wenn man das Gitter unten in der Kräuterkammer tauschen muss?

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