Fez portable vaporizer review

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From a company out in Seattle it is finally here for the world to see first stoner mom now me we are the only 2 people with a review of this vape. If you Wanna purchase this vape go to this link stay wavy youtube. www.fez.com/?tap_a=5079-bbefbf&tap_s=9569-22f952

Topsrite says:

Too much out of view of loading and just not very good, but thanks

Robby S says:

I know this was 2y ago but how did this vaporizer end up for you

Wavy Vaporizers says:

@phillip kubota damn sorry to hear that. There's a bunch of other vapes way better than this for around the same price range. u should hit this company up and explain the problems u are having. hope u get it taken care of.

Wavy Vaporizers says:

@darklabel2786 yea I realised that it does still produce vapor. That's why it is able to hit for as long as you want no cut off time because it does exactly that to keep the heater from exploding in guessing because most vaporizer have a 1 – 10 minute cut off times but this one doesn't because of the constant reheat.

DarkLabel says:

It stays hot enough during the re-heat cycles to keep on hitting it though. 🙂

Wavy Vaporizers says:

@Sticklift damn man I'm sorry to hear that my g I don't know what to say. I truely hope they make things right and send you your replacement. if you get your money back lemme know I could probably give u a couple names of some vapes around that price range. I think for around 150 the best vape around that price is the arizer air I would have to say

Wavy Vaporizers says:

@Sticklift email then again or try seeing if there's a number to call and call them asap. I'm sorry to hear that

sticklift says:

I got mine for $99 My first vape. Thought is was smaller like my wax pen. Little to big for work, but Ill make do with it since it is hard to find wax around where I am at.

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