Fez Vaporizer: Smoke Cartel Review #28

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New product review from Smoke Cartel!
The Fez Vaporizer Pen is a truly sleek and functional way to vaporize dry herb. ​Fez comes with a powerful 4,000 mVh lithium ion battery that is built to last at over 2,000 puffs per charge. With 3 temperature control settings you can really dial in your vape experience. Its easy to use, easy to clean, and at this price, you can’t afford not to pick one up today.


2.600mAh Battery
90g Weight
Constant Resistance: 0.8 ohm
Regular Voltage: 3.7V–4.2V
Regular Wattage: 5.0W–20W

Purchase here at Smoke Cartel: www.smokecartel.com/products/fez-dry-leaf-vaporizer

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Jaime Canales says:

how tall is the unit?

Sherzod Fahridinov says:



i thought that said pez

Ali Tweed says:

good luck having cancer

Rose Zhou says:

any other new vaporizer you want?

Jose Vigo says:

How many heating temps does it have?

Joshua McGuire says:

Have they made anything to mimic the Megatoke? thought this might of been like that but sadly not lol, great review tho!

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