Firefly 2 Function with 3 Different Water Pipes | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Firefly 2 Function with 3 Different Water Pipes

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First time experimenting with the whip and the Firefly 2 combined. I was pleasantly surprised with the performance from the Firefly 2 with a water pipe. I still prefer to draw from it natively but this was definitely a fun experience!

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Mr 66 says:

How did you do this? Do you have any tutorials? How did you make the vapor go to the water?

Freddy Cobos says:

can you please make a video tutorial? it will be greatly appreciated. great job and Happy New Year , cheers.

sk8ernutdw says:

Can you post another tutorial how you did this? I just want a simple proper size to hook up the Firefly 2. What tubing size do you use to hook up the Firefly 2?

Wavy Vaporizers says:

@MortallicA91 nice how u liking it so far? hope u got the technique down packed. I've been beta testing the update for the firefly 2 app and it's amazing u get way more power with the power tunning. FF2 stock power is at 100 but with the new update u can raise the power to 111% which will give u clouds faster and much easier on every temperature then if u don't like clouds that much u could lower it to 89% it's pretty dope app can't wait till they release it to everyone because ya are gonna love it

All About That Vapor says:

Hey PTM, is lysergic hysteric with you guys now? I recognize that setting and good music.Slow Draw

Wavy Vaporizers says:

I copy and pasted this video link to one of my instagram videos of me using my FF2. stay wavy my friend

Wavy Vaporizers says:

so fucking dope and this beat had me freestylin the whole time.

Joshua Betancourt says:

hey if you don't mind me asking i just switched my pre-order from grasshopper because they are way to behind to a FF2 but i liked the GH because its easy to use water pieces with that said …. how did you hook up your FF2 to those water pipes you got ?

Masaharu Morimoto says:

Fantastic!! I need a beaker style vaporbong like your 1st one for my collection!!

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