Firefly 2 Plus (+) Intro and Comparison | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Firefly 2 Plus (+) Intro and Comparison

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Check out our quick video on how the Firefly 2+ differs from the OG Firefly 2 and check out our blog post for more information on the 2+

Buy the Firefly 2 Plus(+)
We really like the Firefly 2+ and think you will to, but if you don’t , return it within 60 Days for a refund under our trial period.

James Thomas says:

they laser drilled larger holes in the bowl and mouthpiece screen to allow more air flow. you can send in your original ff2 for a $30 upgrade program for the improved bowl, mouthpiece and new firmware. good to see the original lids are interchangeable for those who get a new ff2+, thanks for the review!

valveman12 says:

Why is it called the PLUS when you get LESS? No extra battery, one liquid pad, etc..

logdin says:

I’ve had the firefly 2 for a couple of years now and I have to say that anyone who gives it a good review is either getting paid for it or has never used a decent one before. You have to open it up and stir it after every draw it gets extremely hot and shuts down you can’t charge the battery unless it’s in the machine and in order to even get a semi good cloud out of it you have to set it to max temp and suck your guts out. I will say that the first couple of draws are flavourful but not worth the hassle. Arizer solo or solo 2 are far superior and cheaper.

chevyhighrider says:

New logo, yuck. I Love the original logo and it makes way more sense with their name.

i9oi9oi9o9 says:

$80 less than the last version, and now it's only $100 overpriced.

Joey Miranda says:

Only vape I use is firefly2 love the product bit of a learning curve but once u master it the taste is phenomenal!! Thanks for the review

Danny says:

So is there incentive to upgrade from Firefly 2 to 2+? I wonder.. but it doesnt seem so just for air flow :/

ASB Collector says:

Did they update that terrible magnetic charging dock. I love the device but man that dock is the worst

black grower187 says:

The inside parts should contain more ceramic instead of all that cheap chinese metal. Heat and metal does not mix well and exposes consumers to mercury

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