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Today, here at Namastevapes, we are paying special attention towards the Firefly brand, comparing what they have done to their new achievements! We compare Firefly’s first vaporizer to its latest Firefly 2 model and checking out what changes and improvements they’ve made!

First, let’s talk about the Firefly 1! An amazing first product by Firefly! Very bulky. Still portable, but bigger than most other vapes, but makes up for that by packing an incredible punch to it! It has an amazing vapour quality and that comes from its pure convection system, drawing out that THC, and baking it in an all glass chamber and pathway which doesn’t bother to add any other material flavours, keeping the flavour of the smoke pure. Unlike most other convection systems, The Firefly is incredibly fast, taking around 10 seconds to heat up before you can enjoy. This cuts down on any unnecessary herb burn and makes your whole smoke incredibly efficient.

Let’s swing around now to the main event, the new Firefly 2. Straight away we can see that it’s two-thirds the size of the original and is almost half the weight as well! Despite this significant cut back, the body still manages to hold two batteries, meaning the vape can last you most of the day as well. The heat-up time is incredibly fast and there’s virtually no smell coming off of it as it goes!

The taste, as with many convection vaporizers, is pretty amazing with a nice, dense cloud of vapour that’s created with each draw. Like the first Firefly, the newer model has manual temperature settings, giving you a much larger control and technique over your smoke and works just as well with Dry Herbs as it does with Concentrates! Finally, for that extra element of control, the Firefly 2 comes with an app for your phone that will allow you to record various temperature profiles!

If you want to see what kind of changes Firefly have made with this new piece, don’t be afraid to check out the above video, then check out the Namastevapes website to see if the Firefly 2 is for you!

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chris salinas says:

Good video thanks for the comparison. my question for you is I already own a Mighty and love it, but I'm intrested in a full convection vaporizer. I've always been interested in the Firefly and I know that the fireflight 2 is out now. I have no interest in using my vaporizer for concentrate so it would be strictly for herb, with that being said do you feel as if the original Firefly would still be a good buy especially at today's discounted price if for dry Herb only ? I also don't want to mess with an app

Shaun Mcgrath says:

Your mouth piece on the Firefly 2 is offset. Also your bowl does not have quite enough herb. third ,your hits should be a little longer….and 4th,(not to be overlooked) that sweater belongs in a 1980's Nautica Ad.

Paxton Batchelder says:

when he draws from them it sounds like porn noises and gosh I got creeped tf out agh

bassmansoundking99 says:

Thanks for the review! I do have 3 questions…
Can you use concentrates with the original as the (V.2) can?
Does the Original have just a single heat or is it adjustable in some way?
Is the battery replaceable like V.2?

I really want the new version, but if the older one is just about as good but more budget minded because no app and stainless instead of glass etc…I want that one because there is such a price difference.

EQOAnostalgia says:

Which one has the least offensive odor while in your pocket after using it? Some of these can really STINK with product inside the chamber that was previously, partially vaped. I need something stealth.

John Baxter says:

If you haven't ordered this thing yet, request that it ships with the heat setting on "high". The default is "medium high" which is ok if you're 12 years old with parental supervision. 🙂

Oxygorjia X says:

Is it really worth upgrading say if you have a firefly 1 2 batteries and an external charger? Or would you get a pax 2 instead??

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