Firefly 2 vs Grasshopper Comparison Review

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This is a comparison of the Firefly 2 vaporizer with the Grasshopper. Both units are convection heating and perform well. The Firefly features on demand heating with an app for your smartphone. The Grasshopper heats up in seconds and provides very dense and powerful vapor but is definitely on the hotter side

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Darthenator says:

For those who don't understand it's "Eucalyptus" some people still appreciate discretion lol.


not using the hopper correctly dude, turn it off towards the end of your hit, you should at least know how to use it .the heat on the hopper dose not bother me 1 bit i use it on full with no silicon,,,if you like clouds go hopper.


i know Eucalyptus leaves lol why? load some bud in there that is what it is made for

Mike B says:

As SOON as you feel yourself getting something, click it off and keep drawing. You will keep it "burning" with your draw and it won't get hot. 5-6 seconds tops is all that's needed.

victor amu says:

Wich is the conslusion , wich is the best ??? a lot of time antd not say nothing. wich is better so difficult to say that

Phuck Hugh says:

You need a rolling tray. you are wasting Eucalyptus you koala bear stoner! I hope Fred Rogers haunts you for stealing his look and song. lol. He was a Marine and could kick butt.

ThisIs Slammin says:

Eucalyptus leaves?

Amy Scheiderman says:

Eucalyptus leaves? Really? ;P

peter deng says:

Hi friend

The video is great. i have a question to ask you, have you test the black mamba dry herb vaporizer?


Can you change the temp without the app?

Gaj B says:

Tbh if it's too hot it's useless… I don't want to get popcorn lung.

Wavy Vaporizers says:

@namastevapes I'm happy to hear ya finally decided to go with the hoppers because to many people want it and if you get some for sale before hopper labs ever gets to send all these people who've been waiting for over a year their hoppers you can get ALLLLOOOTTTTTT of those people that are waiting to buy a hopper from u guys in order to receive them months before they ever get there's from hopper labs. whether they cancel their pre orders or not they will still buy them from ya trust and believe what I tell you.. supply and demand is the name of the game hope ha play it right.

The Deads says:

Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

Delta 505 says:

firefly2 better than crafty?

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