Firefly 2 vs Pax 2 vs Mighty Vape Comparison Review

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Another comparison review for you today! This time, three firm favourites of Namastevapes, all top of the line models, are gonna go head to head.

The Firefly is the epitome of digital control! These days a lot of vapes are opting to include functions that can be operated with a smartphone app, but the Firefly products centre a great deal of functionality around this control and have near perfected it! That said, your vape isn’t just some remote-controlled car either! Fireflys vaporizers so far have all been manual control, meaning how much and how thick of a vape you want is all controlled with your vape, which takes a level of control only experienced vapers know how to do!

An upgraded version of the original Pax, the Pax 2 is the cheapest in price by far compared to the other two vapes. So light, so thin and very easy to clean, especially compared to the Pax 1, the Pax 2 became somewhat of an instant classic the moment it came out! A sleek, professional looking brand that has been compared to Apple, with its stainless-steel body and curved edges, the Pax 2 sets the tone for your whole session, and then it follows up with a great, robust flavour!

Finally, the bigger brother for last, The Mighty! A firm favourite here at Namastevapes, what points it loses in its bulky size are immediately made up for in its dual pre-conduction and then pure convection heat system! With this method, you get the best of both worlds and its vapour production is a contender for some desktop systems! As we always say with Storz and Bickel devices, these aren’t your regular ultra-sleek models, but real machines that pack a punch!

To find out which of the three might be for you, check out our review above!

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TheClapsUnplugged says:

Chamomile. Yeah.

Vapletrichs Gne says:

He really is vaping chamomile to his dome.

Baba Yaga says:

u dont know shit

TJ S says:

I really like the Mighty but I medicate very rarely if I really want to get the mighty do I have to fully pack it or can I get away with not packing too much in there since I don't want to waste too much herb for my single once a while use?

TheKushKronic says:

i Have only used the Volcano, Pax 2 and now the mighty. The mighty is practically identical to the volcano vapor. The Pax 2 just tastes burnt to me and gets hot way too quick at the mouth piece. I find the flavor to be similar on the mighty IF the temperature goes above 195 C. I like to vape the mighty at 180C as it avoids that weird burnt popcorn flavor and tastes like concentrates right till the end.

IAMJUDAS420 says:

if you medicate alot.. do you have to constantly clean the mighty? im stuck between the plenty or the mighty. just want the best one. switching to vaping from smoking.

Nameis SteveProgress says:

What are the top 3 dry herb portable vaporizers capable of 100% convection?

xlifewritex says:

Watch the video called "how to be ultra spiritual" with JP its hiliarious and about namaste

xlifewritex says:

"I'm not going to say at the end of this video which one is best." – This was the point i clicked away. This is not a review. It's a pitch for people to buy all of them. Grow a pair and either make a decision or get off youtube. wasting our time.

Ht Z says:

hey guys, I currently have the firefly 2 but I wish I could get more vapor production (I'm used to papers) so I'm thinking of getting rid of it and going for a mighty instead. any thoughts/advice??

Roland René says:

Great review…I am looking to purchase either the mighty or the firefly 2 later today. I use a Vapexhale cloud evo daily and I am looking to add a portable unit to my collection to take to my girlfriends place on the weekends. Size isn't an issue, if you wanted to have a device to hit multiple times throughout the weekend and on the fly during the week, which would you choose to use regularly?? Thanks and would appreciate your expert opinion!

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