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My First Impressions of The Snoop Dogg G Pen. Get it Here: Unboxing And Vaping The New Herbal Vape Pen By Snoop Dogg AKA Snoop Lion!

wolfus 1421 says:

theres no way u dont smoke rocks. im 3 years clean and i can tell when someones zooted shit more power to ya i just found a gpen without a charger in a junk car! cleaned it up and boom it works they get hot though

The Caped CruVaper says:

Pretty meagre clouds tho.

Zacc Llewellyn says:

the grill is a grinder simply use it like a cheese grater

I AM Kïng OWL says:

If anybody is reading this
Plz don't buy this product i have one and i regret buying it its shit and the battery dies super fast

Jack Timber says:

That grill is a grinder card in case you were wondering

Gareth says:

You're soo fucking dumb. Kill yourself

Jason Smith says:

Pretty nice G pen, the only thing is the Instructions unclear. Have you compared with the G pen from "DryHerbVaporizerSale"? I checked your other videos, very good. you have done a great job. Hope you can give us some good suggestions. Thanks

Hadwin says:

1:30 It's a card grinder retard

Angry Dan sumthng says:

Can u use wax in this?

dragonball slipknot says:

white widow is so fucking good good choice dude!

Ife'ka Terry says:

so you can only get 3 hits before refilling the weed? Please, where does the ash go to…. Finally you are in very good mood for someone who is up by 3am 😀

dave tamayo says:

is it 5 times then , what

dave tamayo says:

how do u use it

w0nd3rwomyn says:

How long does it take this model to charge fully?

Tanner Lister says:

He looked stoned as fuck on the first hig

jaimertrtr says:

The g thing is to grind the weed

Sleeping Lion says:

Remind me never to use that dabber if I ever smoke with you

ArcticRedRanger says:

This thing sucks

Geramy S. says:

lmao, very well done.

Luke Foster says:

How much tho ahhaha

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