Flowermate CAP Dry Herb Vaporizer Product Review

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(21+ Educational Purposes only) Welcome to the Flowermate CAP Dry Herb Vaporizer Product Review. Sponsored by: www.flowermate.com/

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A 1 says:

Not a fan of any vape with built in battery. But for $70 might be worth it

Infowars says:

While most of these products are out of my price range, I appreciate the reviews. There isn't much information on the actual draw and flavour of vaporisers out there and you help a lot to gauge this. Thank you, Matt.

Joshua Page says:

Not available in US on their website 🙁

John Navarro says:

Great review

DailyToker says:

That bud does not look great the way its very green in the center and desert dry on the outside.

I REZ says:

smell proof though? Am i really the sec comment?

Joshue Manuel Avalos Gomez says:

mmmmmm , i see a lot of cristals left in those flowers

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