Flowermate v5.0s Review: Best Vaporizer Under $100!?

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Score A Flowermate v5.0s Vaporizer At A Bargain Price…

Lately I’ve been reviewing a lot of higher end vaporizers on my channel but today I thought I would take a look at something on the other end of the spectrum in terms of price. Today I’ll be doing a full Flowermate v5.0s review and will be trying to answer the question: is this the best vaporizer under $100?

I found this device to be surprisingly good for it’s price. It’s super lightweight, super discreet and super portable and it’s design remind me a lot of an external hard drive making it really just ‘blend in with the crowd’ when it’s not in use. The vape quality is also good and decent and it’s really quite easy to use too. If you’re looking for a vaporizer that’s easy to share with friends then this is definitely a good portable vape to consider.

Overall I think the Flowermate v5.0s is definitely great value for money and one of the best vaporizers under $100 without a question. I decided to give this one a vape rating of 7.5/10.

Hi 7 says:

Thanks for this video Or the batteries replaceable

valleycat 6275 says:

Pretty hard to listen to.

Becca R says:

Glad to see you are alive and well. Loved your lazyassstoner videos. I'm sure your new ventures are doing well.

Anthony Ded says:

can i smoke hash with it?

Bailey Brennan says:

Dude make more marketing videos lol

Strakeyy says:

mine comes in tomorrow 🙂

J8nT says:

Aka lazy ass stoner 🙂

No Name says:

just bought on for € 75 on amazon

Papakap22 says:

r oll it up light it up smoke it.. i wanna stimulate my mind so i toke itup

will13vilaede says:

you should really clean yours lol

Trevor says:

In your opinion, what is the best portable vaporizer you can buy for under $150

PermoCunt says:

Can u smoke tabacco/ weed free shit in it? ( ejuice?)

Devin Petersen says:

talks about a $100.00 ecig being cheap while I smoke a $20.00 ecig with $5.00 e juice of 24 mg of pomegranate

hello world says:

the v5 mini version in canada is 150$

Kim Jong-un says:

wait… You're the guy that made videos about SEO right? If you are the same guy… not sure… but your videos started me off learning about SEO and helped me get my buisness to number 1. if you are in fact the same dude. thank you! you gave me such a good starting place and I was able to build my business and I am now able to work full time on it. <3

and now you're helping me buy a vape. lol.

leuvenlife says:

I bought mine from Apu in Amsterdam, how can I check that I have the real thing..? My logo is diferent, but quality is good. Logo just looks more modern..
Thanks for the video, Apu left the instructions out..

Quintin T says:

brush your teeth

Kensho Dee says:

Can i smoke dmt out of it?

cody morand says:

Just bought one thanks man!

Z is for Zombie says:

@Vaporizer Freak , Does it combust? And how bad is the smell compared to a bowl? Thank you

Alan Medrano says:

Good easy to understand preview.THANKS!

Lapin Malin says:

I've had mine for 4 month, I use it everyday and I love it, clearly the best vaporiser that ive tried so far!!!

Matt Samsel says:

question for you, how do you load it? i feel like i am doing something wrong; i have the screen mesh on the bottom and then i put the herbs on then the tip. but then i have it on the lowest setting, im getting really small amounts of vapor. thanks for the help guys!

redghost 1197 says:

how would the vapor amount compare to the vapir no2? i can get both of these on ebay for around the same price, im looking for something that can be used that smells less than a bong, doesnt cost a fortune, and can easily be thrown in a backpack when not in use so it doesnt matter if its a giant portable like the no2 is just needs to be able to handle dry herb under 100 dollars

AwesomeAlex! Adam says:

Very informative
Thanks Bro

Bradley John says:

How long will the unit last before you need to purchase another.?

username779966 says:

Where did u get for less than $100???

Jim Cash. says:

Better than the PAX2…… by far ~~~~*

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