Full Overview of The DaVinci IQ Portable Vaporizer

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www.davincivaporizer.com – Discover the things you should like about the world’s best little vaporizer – the DaVinci IQ. Check out the video now.

The DaVinci IQ is the latest vaporizer on DaVinci’s premium line vapes. With best in class battery-life, precision temperature control and Smart Path technology, this app-enabled device gives you full control over you sessions.

Built with purity in mind, the IQ uses the highest quality materials in mind and innovative heating feature to maximize your vapor experience. The DaVinci IQ features 4 unique colors: Stealth, Copper, GunMetal and Blue.

We crafted the IQ with purity, innovation and control for the vapor purest in mind. The IQ features an all ceramic air path for increased vapor production. The 51 light LED display illuminates the 3 unique ways to control your temperature.

1. Precision Temp Mode – allows you to turn your device to the exact degree you prefer featuring the most precise heating yet.
2. Smart Path Technology – provides 4 pre-determined temperature paths settings that automatically create various experiences in vaporization.
3. Boost Mode – allows for on-demand heating and cooling with a push of a button.

All of these modes can be customized with the app using Bluetooth functionality built into the IQ. Inside the app, you can create your own unique Smart Paths and adjust precision temperature along with many other features.

The IQ features a zirconia mouthpiece and air path that has the same great flavor as glass but is 20x stronger. It also features a glass-coded ceramic heating chamber and zirconia pearl lid for unparalleled flavor.

The IQ uses a removable 18650 battery so you can swap out your batteries for longer and on-the-go use. Or you can use the IQ’s micro USB charging port to charge the battery while you use it. The IQ comes with a 10-year warranty, a 3500 milliamp rechargeable 18650 battery, a micro USB cable, an additional flavor chamber, a 10mm water adapter, 2 DaVinci tools, a DaVinci keychain and cleaning kit.

Here at DaVinci, we have dedicated our lives to achieve innovations that would ultimately exceed conventional vaping experiences. This premium portable vaporizer can surely be one of your best investments this year. Pick up your DaVinci IQ today!


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guy6543211986 says:

Dang just bought the acent wish I had known this was coming

Nicole Harvey says:

This is meant for dry herb right? Not oil?

Soje * says:

i heard the glue under little ball on the loading chamber melts throughout time…i wanna get one but i dont want it happening tme 275$ is alot to invest in…

Tiago Fernandes says:

Davinci iq works well, good temperature adjustment and strong steam, tasty and smooth to the throat, the flavor chamber helps a lot to reduce the temperature, but the cleaning should be done more deeply, in the space between the oven and the flavor chamber in the Cleaning video do not show this and neither provide a tool capable of cleaning, the parts are not exactly of poor quality, but assembly is poor, with six months of use began to release the glue that holds the finish of the oven cover, The lid dismantled and also removed the magnet from the oven cover, then took off the magnet of the top cover also, with some cleaning around the sphere the chrome around it began to leave, this only with six months of use, 10 years warranty Is very daring and marketing, the battery that comes with the device is completely disposable and should come with a warning that it is just to test the product, very dangerous the involucro is starting to burn at the positive pole, and it heats up a lot, Which they sell separately is a little better, 274 $ is too much for this device that does not appreciate the quality (be careful when threading the oven pearl because the silicone thread also breaks easily) …

Stagpie Talks says:

Is it easy to clean?

Eric Greenblatt says:

The ascent was shit for dabs, and now you totally disregarded it? Poor form. Poor form.

Sailordude2012 says:

I bought an DaVinci Ascent new and it would not recharge (maybe 2 years ago). It was good for the first charge only or whatever it had in it when shipped, lol. Sad because I liked it and tried to remedy it with a new power plug before I chucked it (bought direct from them so I would have had to ship it to them after it was used already). They didn't help me out all that much when I asked for a discount to retry their product (same discount as I already saw). I'm listening if they read this. I'd like to get one of these.

Based Snow Chimp says:

Is it actually practical to use the IQ while it is charging?

P. Catalano says:

can you smoke oil/concentrates with that?

TrevDogg920 says:

Looks amazing. Just awaiting shipment according to my order status. 👍

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