Full Vaporizer Review – Volcano Classic by Storz & Bickel

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www.whatsyourvapetemp.com/ – In this video, we will show you a 2-min, full vaporizer review show you a full review of one of the most iconic vaporizers on the market – the Volcano Classic by Storz & Bickel. Click to watch the video now.

Design. The design of the Volcano is quite large for a desktop vaporizer. But the nice wide base makes sure that it won’t tip over. The bags that attached can get tall when filling them up so you want to make sure that have adequate height depending on where you set it up. The unit does look like a strong industrial piece that would last a lifetime. For that, we give the volcano a 10/10 for design.

Flavor. We can confidently say that the flavor out of the Volcano is absolutely amazing. The bags provide you with a long lasting cooled vapor that taste great too. We give 9/10 for vapor quality.

Control. There are two models currently for the Volcano vaporizer – the Classic and the Digit. We went with the Classic with the knob adjustment temperature control. For people who want more control, especially medical users, the Volcano Digit will be a better choice but it will cost you about $120 more. The Volcano vaporizer provides a fan that automatically fills your bags at a consistent rate. Although we think that it would be very cool if you could adjust the fan speed yourself. We give the Volcano 9/10 for control.

Value. You can pick up the Volcano Classic for $479 and the Volcano Digit for $599. Though its for a premium cost, it is definitely worth the price once you factor in everything you are getting and how many people can share the device in a single household. We give the Volcano vaporizer an 8/10.

After averaging out all 4 attribute ratings, the Volcano Classic comes in at an outstanding 9/10. It’s iconic design and extremely to use interface makes this desktop vaporizer an amazing choice for someone looking for desktop unit that is very efficient, durable and as good for two or more people in a single household.

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Jesus Vazquez says:

come on man 8/10 on value id say more like 7/10, just because its really espensive. Good job on the review video either way

Loïk Cyr says:

Really want to see a VapeXHale Cloud Evo review !

moley says:

I have two Volcanos that I use regularly for the past 12 years. The only things that ever need occasional replacing are the balloon bags and the screen. I expect it to last at least another 12 years. Money well invested.

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